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It all started back where there was a growing need to be fashionable, unique yet being comfortable with oneself. Kiora was born in mid 2009. With styles that posses suave modern lines, Kiora always conveys a sense of classic feminity.   Clothing by Kiora is known for its clean cuts designs with great atttention to fit and detail. Each piece is design to be unique, with an overall simple yet classy - recognizably Kiora. The line is produced locally in Kiora workshop in Kemang, South Jakarta with high standard of quality.   "Beauty of style, harmony, grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity." Begin you life with a simple step and begin your style with Kiora.
A mini photo session for Kiora New Collectios!!

We were having those crazy moments and decided to do a mini photo session for some of Kiora new collections!! It's so much fun, especialy when we went hunting to find a nice place to do the photoshoots as well as finding the right outfits. It went well =) Thanks to our dear friends who were so into this, we owe it to you guys!!

So, here are the photos... Enjoy!!

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