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It all started back where there was a growing need to be fashionable, unique yet being comfortable with oneself. Kiora was born in mid 2009. With styles that posses suave modern lines, Kiora always conveys a sense of classic feminity.   Clothing by Kiora is known for its clean cuts designs with great atttention to fit and detail. Each piece is design to be unique, with an overall simple yet classy - recognizably Kiora. The line is produced locally in Kiora workshop in Kemang, South Jakarta with high standard of quality.   "Beauty of style, harmony, grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity." Begin you life with a simple step and begin your style with Kiora.
Sweet Choco-Berry Collections are here too =)

Little Champagne Dress
Rp 399.000

Splattered Berry Sleeveless Dress
Rp 299.000

Berry Flower Dress
Rp 319.000

Beaded Splattered Berry Dress
Rp 419.000

Berry Bow Dress
Rp 459.000

Choco-Berry Dress
Rp 399.000

Choco-Berry Jumpsuit
Rp 439.000

Welcoming the Lemon Blueberry Collections!!

Blueberry Summer Flowers Dress
Rp 319.000

Lemon Blueberry Cross Tops
Rp 239.000

Lemon Basic Shirt
Rp 259.000

Lemon T-shirt Dress
Rp 359.000

Baby Lemon Knot Shirt
Rp 259.000

Blueberry Ruffled Skirt
Rp 259.000


Spring/Summer 2010 Collections are here!!

Here are some of our Spring/Summer 2010 collections. Check them out guys =)
Don't forget to stay tune for other new arrival items!!


Valentine's Day Collection

We are very very lucky to have one of our Valentine's Special Edition Collections featured in Diana Rikasari's blogs, Hot Chocolate and Mint =)

Big thanks to her....

So here's the link!
Our awaited Valentine Special Edition Collections are finally here!! Have look and GRAB them before they sold out!! xoxo =)